Industrial Design
Undergraduate Course of Morphology.

Professor Patricia Muñoz
Industrial Designer, Doctor UBA


The primary objective, throughout the three courses, is to enable the student to analyze and produce forms. Forms are considered not only in their precise geometric aspects and perceptual manifestations but they also comprise signification as well. The notions of entitative and contextual signification are developed in the courses. The former refers to the inner structure of Forms, and the ways in which different cultures understand and read them. The latter involves both, the relations of Forms with the communication and materialization of functions in Industrial Design products, and their inclusion in the particular context that conforms our habitat.

The tool to develop these concepts and the exploration of forms is the interaction between drawings, 3D models and texts.

These courses aim for technical competence, aesthetic awareness, critical thinking and the elaboration of generative methodologies.


Level 1

Classification systems of forms
Materialization modes: from abstract to concrete forms
Continuous and discontinuous languages
Organizations of forms
Series and families of forms
Basic principles of colour and texture
Operative aspects of drawing systems
Exploration and presentation techniques: rendering and 3D modelling

Level 2

Conic lines in the design of generative lines for spatial surfaces
Generative systems of spatial surfaces
Polyhedrons and constructive systems - Organizations.
Colour and contrast
Justificative aspects of drawing systems

Level 3

Intersections of forms as design strategy. Continuity of surfaces.
Colour and design: colour selection and schemes for individual products and systems.
Signification of forms: paradigmatic and syntagmatic analysis of objects involved in a social practice
Form and technology, form and function

Significative aspects of presentation systems


Since 2008 we have been working in the new generative systems of forms, enabled by CAD-CAM systems. Its aim is to develop a morphological understanding of these new possibilities, in different softwares, in order to potentiate its use in design practice. At present, the main investigations are referred to the possibilities of producing forms for design through digital fabrication. .

We have produced different publications about some of the outcomes of our research and the latest advances can be seen in our blog about Digital Morphology.


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